Kaki Table is Simply Supported by a Pair of Legs and a Small Bent Surface

 - Feb 21, 2013
References: kenyonyeh & notcot.org
You tend to arrange your furniture around the perimeter of a given room, but why don't more pieces take advantage of the stability that walls have to offer? The Kaki Table was constructed with just two slender legs and the intention to be supported in its lean.

Kenyon Yeh's pastel-colored side tables have been made as fine and lightweight as possible from pairs of steel tubes and tabletops that have been cut from thin sheets of metal. These circular pieces are folded up 90 degrees on one side so that they can be positioned to have contact with the wall. This surface and the grippy feet of the Kaki Table keep it from tipping or sliding over and enable it to hold the weight of flowerpots, lamps and reading materials.