Jott Mobile Messaging

 - Oct 15, 2007
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With Jott Mobile Messaging, it's like having your very own personal assistant wherever you go. You can make a reminder to yourself, record data, communicate with contacts and make transactions with clients with just one call. It is also the quickest way to blog and inform readers of your posts wherever, whenever.

It's as easy as "Call. Speak. Hang-up"

One calls (866) JOTT-123 and Jotts to contact. Jott transcribes message to text. Contact gets your message via e-mail and/or text messaging.

Jott lets you create multiple messages in a row so you can do tasks efficiently. It is perfect for professionals, businessmen, bloggers or anyone who wants to jot down and send their thoughts in the absence of computer or PDAs. It is also great for a safe and hands-free communication while driving.