Josh Reim's Latest Collection Celebrates the Oddities of the Wealthy

 - Sep 17, 2014
References: joshreim & itsnicethat
Montreal-based designer Josh Reim -- who, by the way, is only 18-years-old -- has recently unveiled his third collection of menswear. Take a moment to feel bad about yourself and your accomplishments, now.

The Spring/Summer 2015 collection, which is an ode to the wealthy and their leisurely lifestyles, has a sinister vibe to it. At first glance, the images appear to be only of preppy golf wear. However, there's something dark and mildly unsettling about each photograph, something you can't quite put your finger on.

Reim is attempting to identify, and represent, a figure he refers to as the "odd boy," a regular old Charles Manson, lurking among us. This is a person who, might function, briefly, in society, but never really belongs; a person who has an unexplainable, loner vibe, even while surrounded by wealth and opulence and the undeniable patriotism linked to the American Dream.