Joao Ruas Paints Haunting Images of Ghostly Flamingo-Hued Figures

 - Feb 29, 2012
References: artforadults.tumblr
Pink has never been more frightening than it is in these Joao Ruas illustrations. Drawing flamingo-hued ghostly apparitions, the talented artist has re-contextualized the bright color that’s often associated with sweets, joy and femininity. Ruas renders his pink-adorned subjects with contrasting dull-colored backgrounds to enhance the visual effect of each piece, but it’s the characters he chooses to paint that really puts viewers at unease.

One Joao Ruas illustration features Medusa floating weightlessly in a crouched position while balancing on a plant. The smeared and runny pink paint in this particular piece is evocative of blood, while the boils on Medusa’s body coupled with her physics defying pose puts viewers in a euphoric fantasy mind frame. Ruas’ other images have a similar effect on audiences thanks to his surreal concepts.