The Jae il Bae 'COOK' Faucet Splits Water Usage into Just the Right Amounts

The Jae il Bae 'COOK' faucet finally provides taps with an opportunity to spew out just the right amounts of water instead of having users leaving the tap running for far too long.

This device comes in a stylish silver nozzle with a target scope-like button system. In the middle is a circular 'COOK' logo with four buttons around it, each specifying a different amount of water to be released. The water levels are entitled: Normal, 100ml, 500ml and 1L. This gives people a chance to get just the right amount of water when cooking straight from the tap and also saves a significant amount of water in the long run.

Having preset water levels will make kitchen work smart and efficient while keeping a little more cash in the wallet for alternate spending.