The iShell Cord Manager Easily Stores and Unwinds Your Cables

 - Mar 16, 2014
References: littlecreate & kickstarter
The iShell is a cable winder and cord manager that helps easily store cables away and unwind them when needed, without having to deal with annoying tangled clumps of cables and chargers.

The iShell looks like a hand-held tape measure and works in a similar fashion. Simply fold your cable in half, attach it to the iShell’s hook, push the button and voila! Your cable will be swiftly but gently sucked into the iShell’s storage compartment. To remove your cable, simply tug at the end until the entire length of the cable emerges and unhook it from the iShell hook.

What makes the iShell stand out over other cable organizers is its portability and partial winding function, which allows you to either fully or partially wind and unwind cables.

The iShell works with small diameter earphones as well as thicker USB cables. This universal design means you don’t have to worry about buying different cable organizing contraptions for different cables.