The Satirical iPhone 5 Leaked Promo Footage

 - Jun 30, 2010   Updated: Jun 8 2011
References: bite
The 'iPhone 5 Leaked Promo Footage' video is a hilarious parody that mocks Apple and its constant progression.

Apparently, the next iPhone will be invisible and face-to-face calling will have fantastic resolution, but there are some texting issues. The iPhone 5 will prevent early arthritis in the thumbs, signal failing and fees. The iPhone 5 Leaked Promo Footage video has got me very excited!

Implications - Technological development is moving at an exponential rate that is difficult for consumers to keep up with. Smartphone producers across the globe are adding feature after feature that take the world further into the future with every additional capability. Tech-savy consumers are always looking for the newest technological development and companies that keep up with this desire will benefit in profit and consumption levels.