Artists and Photoshoppers Render Variations on the New President

 - Jan 29, 2009   Updated: Apr 5 2011
References: urlesque
The fresh President of the United States, Barack Obama, is an inspiration. Stand-up comedians are waiting to be inspired on how to best portray his mannerisms, but the artist/comedians have had a great old time portraying Obama in a variety of roles, the scariest of which is a Bush/Cheney/Obama mashup.

This is art? I mean, this is art!

Implications - Technology has made it easier than ever for artists of all walks of life to reinterpret pop culture as they see fit, and these kinds of humorous experimentations often lead to viral Internet memes with extensive online exposure. As the future unfolds, expect to see more and more companies using this mischievously quirky form of art in their advertising campaigns.