The Innerlight by Simon Pengelly is the Overlap of Pretty and Practical

 - Oct 11, 2012
References: pengellydesign & blog.leibal
It isn't to say that light fixtures are rarely attractive -- many are. The Innerlight by Simon Pengelly is simply rather successful at masquerading as a sculpture, giving it value even when it isn't illuminated.

The bulb of the stylish Foscarini piece is concealed behind three small polycarbonate fins that overlap slightly lopsidedly for a hint of visual intrigue. A gentle outward curve to the bands lets the rays behind them escape subtly through the center of the wall light shade. A lovely diffuse halo forms around and behind the fixture, offering a soft ambient atmosphere.

A row of these elegant illuminating elements fulfills the function of art. Whether off or on, the Innerlight by Simon Pengelly is a brilliant accessory for the contemporary interior.