New Illumiroom Microsoft Technology Expands the Borders of TV

Gamers are always looking for ways to expand immersion in their favorite games, so leave it to the minds behind the Xbox at Microsoft to turn an entire room into a gaming environment with Illumiroom Microsoft. With the new Illumiroom technology developed in conjunction with Samsung, an entire room can be made to enhance whatever virtual environment gamers find themselves in, which is accomplished by scanning the room using existing Kinect technology and a projector.

The effects of the technology are really exciting. For example, if a player is exploring a snowy landscape, Illumiroom can augment that by projecting falling snowflakes around the room. An entire room can appear to be engulfed in flames while running through a burning building in a game. The demonstration at CES 2013 was certainly impressive, and is just another reason to be excited for the possibilities of Microsoft's Xbox 360 generational successor.