Marko Korosec Captures Frozen Formations on Slovenia's Mount Javornik

 - Dec 20, 2014
References: facebook & thisiscolossal
Earlier in December, a photographer braved climbing Mount Javornik in Slovenia in order to capture an incredible ice photo series. The top of the mountain is home to spectacular formations that show off Mother Nature's own artistic abilities. What probably only took days on her part would have taken months for a mere human to create. Yet there is something unreal about the ice photography, which would make some suspect the use of Photoshop.

Of course, that would be completely unfair both to the photographer and the natural beauty of the world. The location of a popular ski center, it is not that surprising such ice photography was captured. Yet seeing trees and building covered in hard layers of rime ice, which was formed by high winds and freezing fog, is still unbelievable.