Send Some Adoring Virtual Touches with the iBrator Romantic App

 - Jul 20, 2011
References: amazon & shinyshiny
Similar to the idea of poking on Facebook, the iBrator Romantic App lets you send a quick message of affection but with more expression than the social media button.

The iBrator Romantic App actually lets you virtually touch someone. It mirrors the number and length of time you touch your screen for and vibrates the receiver's phone accordingly; two long touches equals two long vibrations, etc. You can also make a pattern on your screen which they will see replayed on their screen when the message is received.

Adorable and endearing, the iBrator Romantic App lets you express your feelings in the most accurate way possible without using any words at all.

Implications - Modern society demands so much of its citizens that consumers are constantly looking for easier ways of doing things. Products that allow for convenient modes of expression are appealing to those have fast-paced lifestyles. Companies attempting to create a bigger name for themselves could focus on this efficient element when creating items.