The Hydromax Hydration System Will Put the Waterboy Out of Work

 - May 6, 2011
References: hydromaxsystem & gizmag
The return of summer means many things. Beach barbeques, short-shorts and, for some, football practice. Football players never seem to play or train year round, and summer is traditionally the season when players hit the field and begin training to become legendary. One small problem with training in the summer is that it is hot, causing players to dehydrate really easily. The Hydromax Hydration System is designed to combat football player dehydration by giving players a ready source of water.

The Hydromax Hydration System works just like a CamelBak and mounts onto the shoulder pads. The unit holds 32oz. of liquid and can expand to up to eight times its size if needed. The Hydromax Hydration System is a nifty little invention that could go along way in keeping football players of all ages safe this summer.