The How to Spend It December 2012 Issue Toys with Haute Impermanence

A seemingly vapory dream this How to Spend It December 2012 editorial feature captivates with its musing style motifs. Titled 'Haute Culture,' the fashion story displays a delectably put together array of decorate gowns styled and photographed by Damian Foxe. Model Kamila Filipcikova's porcelain skin and strong features bring to life a whimsical feel that adds to the otherworldly imagery.

Each ornate couture creation shines with its decorate detailing in contrast to the eerily misty background. The juxtaposition of the obscure set with delicate floral patterns makes for a strikingly diverse approach to the classically feminine pattern. The theme alludes to a fascination with enchanted blooms and the clouded perception of surrealist dreams. By contrasting ladylike fashion with illusory finishes, the How to Spend It December 2012 intrigues magnetic fashion romanticism.