The 'How I Flirt' Flowchart Pokes Fun at Social Anxieties

 - Aug 21, 2013
References: & dailyinfographic
'How I Flirt,' a flowchart from the hilarious and useful 'I Love Charts: the Book,' by Jason Oberholtzer, exposes a social awkwardness that effects every single person who has ever tried to attract someone of romantic interest.

The flowchart begins with "See a guy." After this initial visual contact, the author of the flowchart asks: "Is he looking at you?" If you answer "yes," then you have to ask yourself if he's cute. If you answer "yes" to this question, then you "AVOID EYE CONTACT!" Actually, every single possible option in this flowchart ends with "AVOID EYE CONTACT!"

Unfortunately, this is a hugely relatable issue for many people lacking in high-level flirtation skills. Whether someone's looking at you or not, if you've got a socially awkward personality, your instinct is to avoid eye contact. While this might not lead to a bustling love life, it could lead to some more hilariously self-deprecating infographics and flow charts like 'How I Flirt.'