Now Rooftop in Paris

 - Nov 16, 2007
This is one of the coolest & certainly most exclusive hotel rooms in the world. The £313 one-room designer prefab room only contains a mini bar and double bed, and stays are limited to a single night. It does however boasts views of the city of lights from a Parisian roof top.

Confused - well this is not ordinary hotel room. Hotel Everland is in fact an art installation with its guests forming part of the exhibit. And for your £313 you get breakfast delivered and are encouraged to steal the towels. But then again, you are spending the night on a rooftop with a Parisian view, so I would hope so.

With attention to detail, Hotel Everland even has a bespoke 'hotel looking' web page which is linked to below. This also has a webcam of the hotel room and also films of its installation. Now whilst I would not want to stay here, I do totally love this idea and think it rocks. Do make sure you check it out.