$8,000 Hornster Bicycle Emits a Deafening Sound to Improve Road Safety

 - May 9, 2012
References: eta & bornrich
London-based cyclist Yannick Read got so fed up with road safety that he decided to design the Hornster Bicycle with a horn so loud that a Concord jet couldn't even compete with.

Cyclists who reads this post are probably thinking of where to purchase this. It's $8,000 but bound to offer authority on the road. It's powered by a modified scuba air cylinder and honks with 178 decibels. The bell itself is a three-bell Airchime KH3A air horn that sits between the handles and the seat.

The exploding honk is boisterous and from 100 feet away, it's louder than a standard truck horn. Environment Transport Association took part in the development to raise awareness about the dangers cyclists face on urban roads.