The Hit Box Controller Makes Executing Complicated Combos Easier

 - Sep 13, 2011
References: hitboxarcade & technabob
Fighting game fans are going to absolutely love the Hit Box controller. The Hit Box controller is a controller comprised entirely of buttons, with not a shoulder trigger, joystick or analog stick to be found.

Apparently, joy/analog sticks make executing moves in fighting games really, really difficult. I can attest to this, as I have quit many a fighting game due to my inability to master a "back, back, forward + punch" combo. The Hit Box controller makes inputting combos easier by mapping all movements and attacks to the controllers buttons. Everything from punching to moving forward can be executed via the press of a button.

The Hit Box controller at first sounds very complicated to use. The featured video here shows that using the controller is easier than it seems. The video also shows how easy it would be for even some of the greenest fighting gamers such as myself to execute a special move or a fatality. Yeah, the Hit Box controller is demoed using Mortal Kombat and it's awesome.