These Faux Wall Outlets By Meridian Point are a Great Way to Hide Valuables

 - Jun 12, 2013
References: oddee
These hidden safes will never be discovered by anyone. The hidden safes by Meridian Point look exactly like electrical outlets; they are fitted into the wall the same way, the only difference is that these wall outlets do not have electricity and they have a large compartment to stash your goods and valuables. The hidden safes install with ease and come with a special key to open the unit.

Unless you have a massive safe that is bolted to the ground or simply too heavy to lift, you are wasting your time packaging all of your goods for a quick and easy steal by intruders and thieves. Everyone has a need to stash money and jewelry along with other items, so why spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars on safes when you can spend under 10 dollars on one of these hidden safes?