These Heidi Abrahamson Hairball Accessories are Splendidly Spiffy

 - May 6, 2012
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One way of celebrating National Hairball Awareness Day is to don hairballs for the big occasion. For NHA Day, jewelry designer Heidi Abrahamson was recruited to create a line of luxury accessories accompanied with hairballs. To commemorate this event in 2011, Abrahamson created strictly female-oriented accessories, but for 2012 her focus is on the men. Eccentric or cat-loving men stock up on cufflinks and tie clips all handcrafted. The sterling silver cufflinks feature orange tabby cat hairs. Who knew regurgitated hair could be fashionable? Heidi Abrahamson and cat-lovers worldwide clearly knew something most didn’t. 

What is especially noteworthy is the fact that real cat hair is used. With the assistance of a professional grooming tool known as 'FURminator,' copious amounts of cat hair are collected then molded into trinkets. Although for such a steep price ($227.55 for both) Abrahamson’s Hairball may not be a favorite for all.