Swann's Professional HD Security System Monitors Large Areas

 - Oct 15, 2015
References: swann & media.maxborgesagency
Swann, a global leader in DIY security solutions, has raised the bar yet again with the Professional HD Security System. This security system is designed to facilitate easy monitoring of large areas whether indoors or outdoors. Comprising four weatherproof, 3-megapixel Full HD cameras and an octa-channel network video recorder, this system ensures maximum protection for your home or office.

Each camera has a night vision distance of up to 100 feet and a built-in microphone that can pick up sounds from as far as 16 feet away. The quality of the video means it's easy to focus in on and isolate things like faces, clothing, license plates and so on. Pertinent information can be transferred via an accessible USB port or a wireless network.

The Professional HD Security System can also be used via a companion app for added convenience.

Security systems are about peace of mind, and this Swann offering guarantees that as well as convenience and reliability.