The Upcoming HBO 'The Newsroom' Series Will Be be Controversial

 - May 16, 2012
References: vancouversun & wegotthiscovered
The upcoming HBO 'The Newsroom' series is an American political/news drama that doesn't state that America is the greatest country with the most thriving population and the highest of ideals. Instead, the political drama centres on a leading news anchor (Jeff Daniels) and his outspoken beliefs that America actually isn't the best and has some truly deep-rooted problems. The true to life plotline looks to be captivatingly honest and riveting, but it's going to cause some controversy.

Starring Jeff Daniels, Dev Patel, Jane Fonda and Olivia Munn among others, the series premieres on June 24th and is poised to be a huge hit for cable television station HBO. This is hardly HBO's first foray into murky waters. With Jesse Eisenberg (Mark Zuckerberg's doppleganger from the Social Network -- also directed by Sorkin) set to be a guest in the first episode, the series is sure to get a lot of buzz. Not only does the Aaron Sorkin (of the West Wing & a Few Good Men) directed drama focus on American reporting in both positive and negative ways (mostly just centering on honesty), but it delves into the very political drivers and issues that are shaping American politics today.