The HangOut Table Forms a Hook for Suspending Your Shopping Bags

 - Feb 14, 2014
References: yankodesign
With the mall food court designed to feed hungry shoppers, the HangOut Table would be a natural inclusion. Designed by Zhenmin Li, Kaito Choy and Hyokwon Kwak, this is a compact, durable, heavy and modular movable that embodies a simple adaptation from the usual shopping center eating surface, giving it much greater functionality.

The squared or rectangular tabletop is teated to the removal of a notch in two opposite corners. Forming a U-shaped crook, a hook is essentially created. The opportunity afforded by this easy alteration enables consumers to hang up their purses and their shopping bags, ensuring that their shiny new purchases will not need to touch the dirty floor. The clever HangOut Table takes up no more space than usual and serves up so much more than normal.