Guns by Eclectic Method Combines Famous Heat Packing Moments

 - Apr 18, 2012
References: vimeo & theworldsbestever
'Guns' by Eclectic Method is the remix artist trio's latest addition to their impressive roster of music videos. The improvised audiovisual mashup combines various gun-based cinematic moments from iconic action films and splices them together in order to create a musical beat revolving around the looping visual clips.

Included in the music video are pop culture figures such as Robo Cop, Bruce Lee and The Terminator as well as rapper 50 Cent. The source material for Electic Method's latest video lends itself well towards familiarity and recognition. Many audience members will be able to identify the large cast within the short clip, alluding to the fact that universal understanding or comprehension can be associated with an attachment towards pop culture.