After taking a bath, you grab a brush and a bunch of strands horrify you as they go along with it. Then, you find out brushing wet hair is bad for the hair. You grab a comb and use it after having your next shower and there's still hair falling out. You buy a wider-toothed comb. While combing, you look at the mirror and realize your hair is becoming thin. Are you aging? Or is it just the way you care for your hair?

Spencer Forrest's new X5 Hair Laser does not care what your reason for baldness is. The device comes with the latest hair laser therapy technology could ever provide. If you have thinning hair, you might want to grab on to one of these and start on doing something about your hair. As the developer claims, This has low level laser light that has been the most effective treatment available for thin hair.

Using the device for around 10-15 minutes at least three times a week would improve your hair's appearance in just as short as a few months. With features ranging from real-time LCD to a convenient grip to cordless operation to direct scalp contact and many others, Spencer Forrest gives you the product for about 300 bucks.

Oh, and if you don't think your hair is growing any thicker, you can have your money back with their 6-month warranty.