Barbecuing in the Dark is No Longer an Issue with These Clever Utensils

 - Apr 28, 2013
References: greatgiftsformen
Barbecuing in the dark is no longer an issue with these clever flashlight grill tongs. It isn't always possible to barbecue when the sun is still up, as often people are stuck cooking in the dark. These grill tongs will solve any issues that you may have had before. With this amazing new cooking utensil you can ensure that all of your favorite meats are cooked to perfection, whether it be in the dark or for regular use.

Designed by professional barbecuer Steven Raichlen, these grill tongs have a specially designed removable flashlight. The tongs lock closed and are easy to store, and are 20 inches long to avoid accidents with hot grills. They are also made out of solid steel that is built to last.