Delaware Wind Farm Gets Approval To Proceed

 - Jul 1, 2008
References: bluewaterwind & news.moneycentral.msn
One of the first, if not THE first, commercial wind farms in the United States has recently been approved by the Delaware government. According to the Associated Press, the wind farm will initially consist of "about 60 large wind turbines about 11 miles east of Rehoboth Beach". The power company that will build and operate the wind farm, Bluewater LLC, is also involved with wind farm development in New York, New Jersey, and Rhode Island.

The wind farm is being designed to last 25 years, which not only allows Bluewater to recover its investment, but also will help provide price stability to utility customers. As has become painfully obvious over the past several months, traditional fossil fuels are subject to potentially large swings in market prices. The beauty of the wind farm concept is that wind always remains the same price - free. And, aside from the energy and emissions needed to build and maintain the equipment, the energy itself that is generated is truly emissions-free.