Two Corporate Nemeses Join Forces to Provide the Google Catalog

 - Aug 17, 2011
References: & googleblog.blogspot
In the hopes of stirring up the online shopping industry and potentially building some corporate report, Apple and Google have joined forces to provide young fashionistas with a new tool: the Google Catalog.

Whereas most shopping directories are aimed at out-of-touch parents who shop on behalf of their children, the Google Catalog connects shoppers with their favorite retailers, including Bergdorf Goodman, Urban Outfitters, L.L. Bean and Macy's. Available exclusively for the iPad, the app allows customers to find nearby stores, purchase pieces online or even share virtual collages. If you're looking for something particular, you can even search by category, catalog or even release date.

Followers of Google will note the bizarre omission of Android support, particularly after Google's recent acquisition of the mobile device platform. Maybe people with style exclusively use iPads -- who knows?