These Portraits Portray People in a Glamorous Movie Star Light

American artist Brad Swonetz creates portraits that portray people in the light of a glamorous movie star. Using props, setting and interesting characters, Swonetz captures the feel of old-school stardom in these new-school portraits.

One of these captivating star-inspired shots is done in black and white and features a man wearing a cowboy hat. He’s holding a beer and looking off to the side. In the background of this photo there’s a large gun hanging on the wall for decoration. Though the shot is new, the feel is that of an old western.

Another of Swonetz’s shots was taken in front of the Hollywood sign, and features a wealthy looking man wearing a swanky white suit. His hair is slicked back and he’s smoking a cigarette while posing for the camera in a too cool for school manor.

These intriguing portraits take interesting people and turn them into old school film stars for a brief time.