Get Sharp Contrasts White Clothes with Multicolor Murals

It is quite often done the other way around: a fashion collection that's full of vivid color is captured on a bland set to make the garments pop. In Get Sharp by Miles Aldridge, the ensembles are entirely white and it's the backgrounds that ooze with bold hues.

Iris Strubegger flaunts classic colorless pieces alongside several male models who wear striking bleached suits. Lacy blouses, pleated pants, wide-brim hats, pearls and elaborate vintage lingerie exude the distinctive look of fashion several generations back, and yet, there is a crisp modernity to the way that it's displayed.

Set in a dingy warehouse or basement with concrete walls and a grimy checkered floor, Get Sharp by Miles Aldridge plays with contrast. The primary colors are painted messily onto the walls behind, making every ensemble look even more sophisticated and fresh.