Gag Gift Remote

 - Jul 29, 2008
References: npw
These hilarious remote controls are definitely for wishful thinkers. They will make great gag gifts for couples to truly celebrate that men are indeed from Mars and women from Venus.

The POWER button for the Control a Man is labelled “EGO” and for the Control a Woman, “PMS”. Women will surely wish to point the remote at their menfolk to initiate talking about feelings, shopping and shoes, whereas the men would point at their sweethearts to get beer, sex and food! The women could get “flowers”, “chocolate” and “massage” on demand and the men “forgive”, “forget” and “move on”. What would be the ENTER button on real remotes is “Propose” and “Remove clothes”. And the VOLUME control with the + and - symbols for increasing and decreasing intensities?  “Orgasm” and “Breasts”

Each remote costs £4.00 but people would definitely pay a king's ransom if the remotes actually worked!