Recession-Proof ‘BookCrossing ' Tracks Recycled Book Travels

 - Apr 12, 2009
References: bookcrossing & freerepublic
‘Bookcrossing’ is the practice of leaving a book in a public place so it can picked up and read by others, who in turn leave it in a public place, and so on. Environmentally kind and recession-friendly, it’s an appealing way to share no longer used or wanted volumes with others.

Once set free, bookcrossed publications can be tracked on the BookCrossing website. Similar to the Where’s George site which tracks money from spender to spender, BookCrossing is an experiment where readers "release a book into the wild," complete with a web-generated tracking number, and hopefully see where it goes.

There are online groups and forums where bookcrossers discuss their finds and books’ adventures.