Fox Promotes 'Fringe' With 12 Fingered Man

 - Jun 19, 2008
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Perhaps tasteless, perhaps intriguing, the Fox Broadcasting Company is hyping a new show coming that features the oddities and rarities of humankind. The show is called FRINGE and will feature the strange, the bizarre and the decidedly weird from all over the world.

Fox has decided to promote the show with viral Youtube videos that are being released at regular intervals leading up to the show's premiere this fall. The first video available for viewing from the series shows a man from India with six fingers on each hand and if Fox lives up to it's reputation for being "over the top", then that video of the man from India with twelve fingers is just the tip of a very fascinating show.

The writers for the newly created series are J.J. Abrams and the writers of the Transformers movie Alex Kurtzman & Robert Orci so it promises to be very entertaining when it finally premieres in September.