The Foldable Sewing Machine Sheds Bulk for Handier Haberdashery

 - Jul 10, 2012
References: rjsb.moonfruit & blog.leibal
I'm a sewer myself, but the inconvenient process of lugging my machine up from the basement and setting it up on the dining table is enough to deter me from beginning many new projects. Unconventionally, this Foldable Sewing Machine is a fantastic design that enables people without a designated craft space to keep their equipment handy.

Richard Burrow came up with a crisp and contemporary body for his cutting-edge contraption that actually flattens to just over an inch in thickness when collapsed at its hinges. A rigid rectangularity makes this possible, giving the device the distinctive character of a newfangled Bauhaus aesthetic.

A clean and sleek minimalism defines the identity of the Foldable Sewing Machine. Dials and knobs are reduced to touch-sensitive icons and inset buttons for a much smoother stitching setup and easy storage.