Elegance With a Base Line

 - Feb 24, 2007
References: myspace
If I had to pick a favourite Trend I would pick Music Innovation. Sometimes we seem to take the art and creativity that goes into music for granted. And than we see something like this, and it reminds us how amazing each note, rhythm and rhyme really is. Greg Pattillo is a flutist/beat-boxer whose pieces have recently been creating a buzz on the net. Combining the elegant sound of the flute with a crisp bass beat can easily be done by synthesiser, but I assure you Greg is no synthesiser. Remixing the Mario bro's theme song as well as inspector gadget theme with a lil Beverly Hills Cop and many of his own pieces, I wonder how long it will take a big name from the music world to pick this innovative little guy up and lay his one of-a-kind sound down.