The Life Keeper Uses the Support of Lampposts for Inundation Refuges

 - Mar 17, 2015
References: yankodesign
Measures for implementing flood safety equipment in tsunami-prone areas of the world are difficult in any city, given how much space they occupy uselessly the vast majority of the time. Ji Man Kim has thus come up with a solution for high-water refuges that blend in nicely with any urban design.

Functioning as public planters when the streets relatively dry, the Life Keepers connect to deeply rooted street lights with hinges that surround the poles. Built-in floatation pads can alleviate a great deal of weight, and they easily rise up with the level of flood waters. When some of the few good things to cling onto have become completely submerged, this flood safety buoy would be visible and easy to grab onto, with its broad size, its handle and its provision of life jackets and First Aid kits.