Fingertongs Help Avoid Oil Burns and Make Cooking Faster

 - Oct 2, 2012
References: gadgetsmatrix
Get down and dirty cooking hands on with spatter-protecting Fingertongs.

It's always tempting to dive into your food and have a little taste even when you know it's too hot for consumption, especially when you're cooking bacon. The sweet aromas rise to softly caress your face, invading your nostrils and hugging your clothes. You can steal a piece from the pan if you'd like, but sneaking comes at a price. Made from silicone, these beak-like, heat-proof clamps will allow you to flip -- and steal -- your food easily without getting those nasty oil burns. The protective glove is approximately 7 inches in length, which can usually cover up to your wrists depending on hand size, and is dishwasher safe. Using the glove also gives you better control than those spatulas and forks since burgers sometimes tend to break when flipping -- the silicone also won't scratch your pan.

Image Credits: OhGizmo