This Deadbolt Allows for Keyless, Fingerprint-Enabled Entry

 - Mar 7, 2013
References: amazon & shutupandtakemymoney
This fingerprint-enabled deadbolt is perfect for anyone who has ever locked themselves out of their house. All you need to activate the Kwikset Signatures SmartScan Biometric Deadbolt is your fingerprint. I mean come on, keys are so 20th century these days.

The fingerprint-enabled deadbolt allows for up to 50 fingerprint registrations and only needs a screwdriver for the installation. If you're wondering what happens during a power outage like I was, have no fear, the deadbolt works on 4 AA batteries and the manufacturer promises a one year battery life. Of course, you could be all vintage and old school and use an actual key to open the deadbolt, but where's the fun in that?

Now, if you forget your hand or your fingers at home and lock yourself out, then you're really on your own.