Far Cry Primal is Set In An Epic and Re-imagined Stone Age Setting

 - Oct 8, 2015
References: youtube & engadget
Far Cry Primal is a fantastic new video game that eschews the common video game formula of guns, bombs, wizardry and so on in favor of a more primal approach.

The original Far Cry series was all about guns, modern weapons, awesome vehicles and politically inclined characters, but Far Cry Primal takes a completely different route altogether. This game is an epic battle of survival set in a re-imagined stone age. The player plays the role of Takkar, a hunter trying to survyve and get by in the savage land of Oros.

The player is tasked with hunting massive wooly mammoths, fight off packs of wolves, survive saber-tooth tiger attacks and also deal with the violence and wrath of hostile tribes.

This is a game which will surely make you appreciate your home comforts, and transport you back to a time when survival was not just a game.