The Pinocchio Rug by Hay Denmark is Eye-Catching Floor Decor

 - Oct 24, 2011
References: aplusrstore
The Pinocchio rug by Hay Denmark is in the category of eye-catching floor decor that will rock your socks, literally. Danish design never ceases to amaze. This handmade wool rug, produced in Nepal, is composed of hundreds of tiny woolen candy-colored textured balls, just waiting to be stepped on.

Inspiration for this design comes from the famous tale of Pinocchio, the boy whose nose grew every time he lied. In Denmark, there is a type of candy (licorice balls) that are named after Pinocchio -- which is an evident muse here. Perfect for a child's room, or for those wanting to add color and texture to their spaces, this rug is sure to be a show-stopper and conversation-starter in any home or office, big or small. The Pinocchio rug is pop, character, fun and quality all rolled out into one big circular delight.