Extra Butter x Adidas Originals' Vanguard Line is Durable and Stylish

New York-based boutique Extra Butter recently teamed up with German sportswear company Adidas to create the 'Vanguard' sneaker collection. This two-piece collection features funky sneakers that challenge style as well as the outdoors.

The 'Vanguard' collection includes a pair of Adidas ZX Flux as well as the ZX Trail Mids. Each pair of Adidas footwear has been designed to exhibit the Extra Butter flair with hints of aquatic and campground themes. While the ZX Fluxs offer a feisty jaguar print with a glow-in-the-dark heel accent, the ZX Trail Mids' display a novelty whistle and canvas textured fabric.

Extra Butter and Adidas will be releasing 100 pairs of each shoe when the online release of the collection begins on September 7, 2015.