The Exit Guide Glows to Indicate the Direction of Safety

 - Nov 26, 2013
References: & yankodesign
People react in all sorts of ways in the event of an emergency situation, but a common and dangerous response is to become panicked, confused and vulnerable to making poor decisions. The Exit Guide gives all of the occupants of a building some lifesaving advice, enabling them to take safe action on instinct.

Shang-Yi Lin's 2013 Red Dot design concept winning proposal is for an illuminating door latch. It would be installed like the recognizable push bar door handle, yet it would incorporate LED lights and link up to a system of computers and sensors throughout the building. As you approach a stairwell door during an evacuation procedure, the Exit Guide's upper lamp and a lower lamp create a bright glow of red or green to signify trouble or a clear escape route on floor above or beneath you.