The Emergency Compliment Website is Totally Uplifting

 - Oct 25, 2012
References: emergencycompliment & swiss-miss
Sometimes you have a day that seems to consist solely of a series of unfortunate events. If you're having one of these seemingly endless days, then you should check out the Emergency Compliment website. This amazingly uplifting site is sure to turn your day around at least a little bit. Even on those days where the odds seem against you -- it's raining out, you've stubbed your toe, lost your wallet or maybe even lost your job -- it'll offer a little comfort.

The Emergency Compliment website's soul purpose is to help cheer you up and perhaps boost your ego a little bit. Some of the cheery/hilarious messages, for instance, are "Today's Outfit = Thumbs Up," and "Mensa Would Be So Lucky." Once you've received your compliment, you can either click the "Thanks I'm Feeling Better" button, or the "I Still Feel Crappy" button.

This is one site that is definitely worth checking out, whether you're feeling down or just for your daily compliment dose.