Lost in Translation by Ella Frances Sanders Illustrates Unique Terms

 - Sep 18, 2014
References: untranslatablebook & designtaxi
In her new book, Ella Frances Sanders compiles over 50 of her blog posts showing what untranslatable words mean. Lost in Translation is filled with illustrated translations of words that have no direct meaning in the English language. The back of the book explains words like this often provide interesting insight into the cultures they come from. Three different versions of the book will be available: a US, UK and French edition.

The whimsical illustrations by Ella Frances Sanders represent an "exploration of the subtleties of communication." For example, the Italian word 'commuovere' is a verb meanings to be moved to tears by a story. There is also a Swedish word for your third cup of coffee and a Brazilian Portuguese term for running your fingers through a lover's hair.