The EDCpen Functions Upside Down, Under Water and In Space

 - Nov 3, 2013
References: gearhungry & coolmaterial
Laying in bed and writing upside down has traditionally been a very difficult task—with the EDCpen it no longer has to be. The EDCpen has a multitude of neat functions that will eliminate the need to ever resort to anything else.

The pen is available in three options: aluminum, stainless steel or brass. Its lightweight yet durable structure makes it easy to slip into your pocket and carry around without breaking. There are also no internal moving parts, so there isn’t anything that can fail or break besides the ink cartridge itself. Besides its sleek eye-catching exterior, the spotlight features include a cartridge that allows one to write upside down (in bed), under water (while scuba-diving), and in the depths of outer-space (while you’re writing your will).

Feel confident that you’re using the best pen in the biz with the EDCpen. It only costs between $25-40—and you can use it under water.