Eclipse by Sebastien Sauvage Reinterprets the Classic DECT Phone

 - Nov 20, 2011
References: coroflot & core77
The design of the Eclipse by Sebastien Sauvage will probably throw off people's initial guesses as to its actual purpose. Sleek, sophisticated and very futuristic, it could easily be mistaken for a chair, lamp or any other household item. At least they would be on the right track. This design is actually a telephone.

Inspired by the past, Eclipse by Sebastien Sauvage is a re-interpretation of the classic DECT phone. Equipped with all of the digital technology that has become necessary in today's day and age, it also takes on a sculptural form to appease the minimalist and artistic appreciation modern society currently holds.

Although Eclipse by Sebastien Sauvage tackles a soon-to-be extinct piece of technology, it is designs like these that might keep it around just a little longer.