The EasyGrab Camera is Technologically Advanced and Easy to Use

 - Jun 12, 2012
References: coroflot & yankodesign
A recent submission for the iF Design Talents Entry, the EasyGrab Camera by Arttu-Matti Immonen aims to make photography a universally simple endeavor. Designed with the silver generation (65 years and older) in mind, the EasyGrab features a minimalist-inspired design with easy-to-use functions.

The layout and size of the camera make it easy to hold from either side, getting away from the contemporary obsession with miniature gadgets. For the most part, the EasyGrab stays true to the basic camera's traditional design with the exception being that the shutter button is not on top, but rather is a lever on the front of the camera.

The touch screen uses basic symbols to help users navigate the menu without requiring an extensive knowledge on modern camera terminology. The EasyGrab makes photo taking fun and easily accessible while also producing fabulous-looking pictures.