The Dyson Cator'Shocks Iron Increases the Efficiency of a Stiff Chore

 - Jul 4, 2012
References: & yankodesign
There's nothing like flashy new technology to get people excited about the task at hand. The Dyson Cator'Shocks Iron may still involve some of the basic conventional actions necessary for grooming your formal garments, but the stimulating value of its cutting-edge design might just make the job worth it.

The device comprises a streamlined prismic box that acts as the dock for the work shirt press and the compartment for holding a retractable ironing board. A thin heated panel is designed to be drawn out of the casing up to 2 meters and clipped to the edge of a table.

Lines across the surface of the Dyson Cator'Shocks Iron plane indicate a cool temperature in blue and a hot one when red. Stephane Pietroiusti's handheld gadget uses induction technology in conjunction with the warm underpad to make flattening fabrics fast and effective.