Yahya Tioso Designs the Future-Forward DynaX Boombox

 - Apr 30, 2011
References: behance.net & tuvie
Designer Yahya Tioso is revolutionizing the boombox industry with the new DynaX Boombox. Built for sneaker company PUMA, the DynaX Boombox is a modern boombox designed to be worn on your back as opposed to atop your shoulder. Sorry, old school, you're out.

The boombox is slim and sleek and has controls similar to that of an MP3 player. While designers seem to be obsessed with recreating the past by touching up old tech -- see the recent wave of "retro" boomboxes -- I am glad that Tioso thought future-forward when designing the DynaX Boombox. A slim boombox that can be strapped to your back is a winning design in my book. No word yet on whether PUMA plans to run with this design, but here's hoping they do. My shoulders are getting awfully sore.