The Bro-Bot Ensures That You Never Drink Alone

 - Jan 10, 2016
References: youtube & engadget
Usually a drinking companion comes in the form of a close friend, family member or even someone you just met at a bar. However, when bars are far and family and friends have proven to be too busy, the Bro-Bot comes in handy.

Created by South Korean inventor Eunchan Park, the Bro-Bot is your robotic drinking companion that is always available for you. In addition to listening to your troubles without judgement or interruption, this robot can also give the occasional nod or thumbs up to indicate that it is indeed listening. The Bro-Bot can also clink glasses with you before it downs its alcohol straight into its jar-based stomach, which you can then recycle.

While a human drinking companion is the most ideal, this robot ensures you never have a drink alone.